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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Painting Buddies

This past week I organized a painting get-together with a small group of women. I happened to know all these women, but none of them knew each other and they all thought no one lived near them who enjoyed plein air painting. So after a number of calls to get it organized and set a date that worked for everyone, we painted in their neighborhood and had a very enjoyable time. In a few days I'm heading off to paint in another location with a few more friends for a couple of days. Painting buddies are essential for a number of reasons. Most importantly, there is safety in numbers. We should all be sure to know where we are painting and always have a plan of what to do just in case... My brother gave me a little stun gun just in case I ever need to defend myself. The biggest fear I have is I might have to use it someday and I'll accidently fry myself in the process!

Another good reason to have lots of painting buddies is the advantage of having like minded people around. There is something to be said about being able to talk with someone else who knows where you are coming from.

These are a couple of my painting buddies taking a break from a hard day at the easel. Now one thing I can tell you for sure, it is only another artist who really appreciates how hard a day at the easel really is. Lots of people think we are out there goofing off all the time and that we must be nuts to think our work has the value of the price we have put on it. If people only realized what goes into a plein air painting they would never question the price. Another buddy of mine once sent me his artist statement. Actually, it was a list of things and he suggested I select the one I liked the best. My favorite one went something like this: "I've been snake bit, mugged and shot at; that's why my paintings cost so much."

Yep, being an artist is hard work, but someone has to do it. It sure beats wearing a suit and a 9 - 5 job. I just told my daughter the other day I liked being an artist because I can dress the way I want and feel good about being comfortable in my T-shirts, jeans and sandals.