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Monday, October 6, 2008

Painting Adventures

Recently the plein air painting group I belong to, Western North Carolina Plein Air Painters was invited by a property developer to paint the area they are developing as a "Green" community called "Whisper Mountain." The property is located in Madison County, NC and is quite beautiful and unspoiled by man. There are beautiful far off vistas, streams, wooded areas and views overlooking farmland below.

How much would you be willing to pay for this view? This is certainly a view for someone with very deep pockets!

Our mission is to paint, paint, paint; and that we can do pretty easily. In the end, the mission of the developer is to schedule events where land owners and prospective land owners gather at the "community building" and find a variety of art depicting the view from their land. The developer will collect a commission which will be donated to a local land conservancy. The planned result is recognition for both the artists and the developer.

They have been treating us like royalty at Whisper Mountain; providing lunch with wine and the works. Stuart Roper is showing us his new baby as Jim Southerland looks on, and Robert, the developer brings more food.

We took advantage of this thunderstorm to do some planning for out first event at Whisper Mountain. Jim, Richard, Stuart and Linda Cheek discuss the upcoming show.

If the results go as planned, we will all make a few dollars and get our names out there in the public. This is something our group has been trying to do for years without having to do all the work involved in making it happen. It has occurred to us with all of the development going on in our area we should investigate doing this with developers more often. One day all of the natural beauty will be gone; covered with more giant houses, and if nothing else, we will have done our bit to document "the way it used to be. One of the things we like about Whisper Mountain is they have limited the number of house they are building so they can preserve the feeling of solitude you get from being nestled in the mountains and hollows of Western North Carolina.

We really do paint. This is Richard Oversmith taking a picture of Scott Boyle to prove it. Scott drive almost from Charlotte to paint with us, so he is always eager to get in as many paintings each time as he can.