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Willow Wisp Farm Studios is a 6.5 acre art facility located in the Asheville area of the Smoky Mountains on highway 74A in Fairview, NC. We specialize in oil and pastel plein air painting, and the woodworking creative art of marquetry. Regular weekly ongoing art classes for both adults and children are offered in addition to art workshops. Ask about our private workshops designed just for you  including lodging. We want your art experience to be one to remember! 

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Times Are Changing

The original intent for Willow Wisp Farm Studios was to be an art school that offered workshops by nationally known instructors to people from all across the US. We spent many years planning WWFS and eight years in the business of offering art workshops. We met many wonderful people and expanded our knowledge of art and the people associated with the workshop world. There came a time when we realized this small business had totally consumed our lives to the point I could not even take the workshops because I was so busy organizing and planning everything. So, it was time to look into the future to see what was out there for two baby boomer artists. Our last workshop was held the end of October 2006. As much as we loved all of the experiences and opportunities it afforded us, we have not looked back with regret, but with fond memories of many wonderful years.
Mike has continued to make oil and pastel pochade boxes and he has added a new dimension to his work– marquetry. He has become quite good and has an entire line of items from jewelry boxes, trays, executive desk boxes, wall plaques, hat trees, and more. Since he began this journey, you can really see the growth in his work. This image of the Blue Ridge Parkway is an example of the detail he puts in his work.
As for myself, I have been out there plein air painting, but a lot less these days. I've also spent a bunch of time in the studio working on still-life using my Middle Eastern memorabilia as subject matter. So life just keeps on going and we are trying to keep up with it.
Recently we decided to take a challenge from a a friend and do some art cards to auction on ebay. We haven't gotten rich yet, but people are bidding on our works. So while everyone else is doing "a painting a day", we are doing miniature art cards at a similar rate. Art cards have to be 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches. Doing this is taking us back to our roots in miniature furniture making and miniature paintings all done in 1:12 scale.
This is great fun and we are going to keep it up! You can go to our Willow Wisp Farm Studios auction home of http://www. wnc-galleria.com and check out our ebay store. Mike currently has a mini version of the Blue Ridge Parkway up for bid this week. I have a mini original reproduction of "The Laundress" after Toulouse-Lautrec offered as well.
We have been quietly making our art here at WWFS, and behind the scenes making plans for our next great art adventure. We will be ready to release info about it to you by August. Stay tuned!

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