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Willow Wisp Farm Studios is a 6.5 acre art facility located in the Asheville area of the Smoky Mountains on highway 74A in Fairview, NC. We specialize in oil and pastel plein air painting, and the woodworking creative art of marquetry. Regular weekly ongoing art classes for both adults and children are offered in addition to art workshops. Ask about our private workshops designed just for you  including lodging. We want your art experience to be one to remember! 

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oil & Pastel Pochade Boxes

Willow Wisp Farm Studios has been known for our quality custom-made pochade boxes for many years now. We are still making them and we have scaled down our selection to the most popular ones. Following are images of what we have available these days.

ArtAttack 1 This box has lots of work space because the sides that fold out. You can also store tube of paint inside the box. The downside of this box is there is one place on the box to store wet paintings.

ArtAttack 2 This box is much more compact and has less work space than the ArtAttack 1. This box has storage for tubes of paint inside and you can also store two wet paintings of the same size from 6x8 to 9x12.

ArtAttack 3 This is our pastel box and probably the best selling box we make. Because of the design of this box it will hold approximately 250 half sticks of pastels. The box has inserts you slide in so you can close the box.

ArtAttack 5 The Steering Wheel Easel which is not pictured here is for those days when Mother Nature won't let you out to paint. Hang this from your steering wheel and you are set to paint on a rainy or cold day.

Get more details on these pochade boxes on our website:


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Ryan said...

I like this blog. Generally I use to go on for a hunt of art galleries. Once I saw Brent Bailer Gallery, which was a good treat for my eyes. I seriously became a very big fan of him.